Think Before You Laugh!

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

A few days ago Mike and I were talking about certain things that might worry us about our monster. Mike brought up how worried he is that lil A might get made fun of. I worry about it too, kids are cruel. So I explain to Mike that it our job as parents to do everything we can to help prevent it. And when he starts school (even though he most likely won’t be in the regular classroom) I will make sure the teachers listen and hopefully we won’t have too many problems, but we can’t really worry about that now. What I worry about now is everyone else! And the sad part is everyone else sucks, including the media! 

The husband and I recently watched 21 Jump Street and when I mean recently I mean last night. Before watching it I knew about the autistic “joke” they make. I watched it on YouTube and just kept thinking how is that funny? Why do they think that is a joke? What the hell is up with the writers? I thought all of the normal things a parent of an autistic child thinks about. I told Mike about the joke, especially since we were talking about our lil’ man getting made fun of. He didn’t say much afterwards, so when I was at the store yesterday I asked him if I should rent it and he said, “yeah he heard it was funny and the joke won’t bother him as long as it doesn’t bother me.” So we rented it, I will admit I got uncomfortable when the joke came up, but i continued to watch the movie and the rest of the movie was funny. Which brings me to the my next point why is autism being made fun of in EVERYTHING!? Like I said in my 1st blog post, we knew our monster had autism last year it just took us almost a year to get diagnosed. And the type of mom I was last year is different than who I am today. See the “SUPER AUTISM MOMMY” which was me a year ago, was the mom who would protest and boycott movies like 21 Jump Street. I remember watching the pilot to 2 Broke Girls and I remember a scene where 1 of the girls said something similar to “How can I take you seriously after you just did that “Temple Grandin Routine.” I was angry, here my son is showing all these signs of autism and we just spoke to our doctor about how he has a developmental delay and it could be autism. I was angry, I wrote CBS every single day for an entire month. I expected them to apologize, I expected more from cable network…I never got it. So I ask my sisters if they seen this new show. My sister Kas says the show was funny and she loved it. So I tell her what wasn’t funny about it and how furious I am. She never caught it, she never noticed that line. She admitted she most likely even laughed, but she never actually caught that line and what it was about. I wasn’t mad at her she just didn’t think before she laughed because she never had to. 

Which brings me to my oldest sister (I’m the youngest by the way) Teenie (nickname) she watched 21 Jump Street and said some of it was funny. I told her before I rented it that their was a line in the movie that I wasn’t happy about. She admits she didn’t remember the line really, but in other words she did catch it and it wasn’t funny. 

Now this brings me back to being “SUPER AUTISM MOMMY.” I have watched TV shows in the past and movies in the past that made fun of things that weren’t funny. I can honestly tell you I did laugh and sadly I most likely laughed at an autism joke or 2. Do I feel bad now…Yes…but I didn’t think before I decided to laugh. Do I think it is okay to poke fun at such serious issues? NO! I hate when movies like 21 Jump Street decide to poke fun at such a serious issue. Autism is on a rise and since getting into the autism community last year I noticed more and more shows and movies poke fun at the issue. These jokes are not real people saying these, they are actors so I have to realize I can’t take on every single TV show or movie that decides to make that 1 joke. It won’t ruin my day, its not like they are saying it directly to someone like 50 Cent. Writers made it up and they are the people that say the joke. 

So my conclusion is…remember these actors are written these lines. Does it bother me..yeah a little bit, it will most likely always bother me. Do I find it funny NO, should anyone else in the audience watching find it funny NO! But their is a difference between Jonah Hill and Kat Dennings making that simple line and someone like 50 Cent just being plain rude. I’m gonna let these “jokes” role off me and just deal with it, but 1 thing I can tell you is I am going to Think Before I Laugh! and you should too. Instead of going off on these movies about how rude and my child has autism, you should educate your best friend who just watched that movie and explain to them how it is NOT funny, it is NOT cool and that they should really Think Before They Laugh! You can’t change the world and make a ban on autism jokes, they are always going to be there. But 1 thing you can do is educate the person next to you laughing at something that is an insult and that is the difference between someone who is just being plain rude (50 Cent) and someone is uneducated! I will fight for my son, especially when someone points and laughs at him, but you can’t shelter yourself from Entertainment because of 1 line writers decided to write. So my advice to everyone is…..

Think Before You Laugh Next Time! 

  1. Whitney says:

    I’ve been an autism therapist for nearly 5 years now, and at times the jokes upset me. If I was a parent, I’m sure I’d be even more livid. I think sometimes, as much as it hurts, you have to just accept that no matter how neurotypical or not you child is, they’ll get made fun of. I have red hair, and my mom worked incredibly hard to foster pride in me about it, despite kids being cruel. The “beaten like a redheaded stepchild” joke still stings a little, though I was neither beaten nor a stepchild. It’s just a rude thing to say in general. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m with you, but I do feel like at some point you have to just accept that most often people are clueless as to how their words can hurt you, and I try to remind myself that they aren’t written with bad intentions. On Glee, the one character who siad she has self-diagnosed Aspergers and can say whatever she wants really bothered me. Asperger’s is a serious disorder, not something that allows you to just say whatever you want with no consequence. Now, I’m just ranting… Anyway, Autism Daddy sent me your way, and I’m glad I came. I look forward to reading more, and any support I can offer, don’t hesitate. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading! and I agree words hurt and jokes sometimes are too cruel! I don’t watch Glee, but I did hear about the aspergers girl on there that self diagnosed. and I say ran away! We should all rant! Rant about how people suck! It will make you feel better! 🙂 And I applaud you for being a therapist! You seem like you truly care and that is why I love my sons therapists…because they are loving and care! Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Jesse K says:

    I’m a good person with a good heart, and I can tell you that autism isn’t a bad thing unless you make it, it’s not good, but it doesn’t make your child bad, the more you focus on making autism a wall, the more your kid is going to be less progressive, people laugh at everyone and everything, there’s a reason for it, with out laughter we’d be ridden with fear and nothing to calm it and it would eat us alive, so let the world make jokes if I had cancer, you bet your ass that I’d laugh at cancer jokes, without laughter were all dead, just dead, let him grow up and he’ll make his own jokes, it’s inevitable it seems bad because you want him to be perfect, let me tell you autism or not, he is, don’t stress the autism fact, that will hold him back in every aspect of life and he’ll never overcome, think about him, not his condition, life sucks, we live we fight we love and lose, if I only said we fight and we lose, it wouldn’t be much of a life would it?

    Think about it, sometimes it’s hard
    Buuuut it’s better to laugh then to pout.
    Good luck.
    Jesse K

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