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Posted: July 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

It seems like in the news all I hear about is horror stories and how this world is pretty much falling apart. As a mom of an autistic child I can’t help but wonder what is gonna happen when he gets older and how bad is it going to be then. I sort of like to think of myself as a new age hippie, I try to love everyone and not judge others even if they do horrible things. And with recent events hitting the news I started watching how people react in such terrible ways.

With the Aurora, Colorado shooting just happening I can’t help but think what was going through this mans mind. I can’t help but think of the state of mind he was in at the time. And I can’t help but worry about James Holmes’ parents. And how worried his mom is most likely feeling. I keep reading how this man deserves the death penalty and how he should be shot and hung. It is obvious that he suffers from a mental disorder of some sort. A serious mental disorder that might have been triggered by depression maybe. As someone who has battled depression for a good chunk of my life, I feel for how far gone he must of been. I’m not defending him in anyway, but when I see on Facebook how you “like this picture if you think this man should get the death penalty” I can’t help  but worry about the type of person YOU are. The man needs mental help and I believe he should spend his life in prison or a mental institution. But “christians” are saying he should die a horrible and painful death…God is the one to judge. And for those of my readers who don’t believe in God thats fine, it is your choice. But my purpose on Earth is to not judge another human being. My purpose is something else and if my purpose was to judge another than I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be sitting here. My thoughts and prayers go out the victims of the shooting and my thoughts and prayers also go out to his family. And to all the parents that read this think about it…if he was your son, would you really want a picture of him on Facebook and people saying he should die? Because I know if it was my little Monster…I would love him unconditionally no matter what he does in his life, right or wrong. It is unconditional love and as a mother…I really can’t imagine how alone his mom must feel right now. And SHE is most likely looked at now too. Because no matter how much you drill it into your childs head on what is right and what is wrong, they still make their own decisions. Liking a picture and saying someone should die is NOT getting justice done. All it is doing is showing how cruel the rest of the world is. Again I am NOT defending him, I am NOT saying what he did is okay…I’m just saying it doesn’t make you a better person and it isn’t getting justice done in any type of way.
My next topic I want to talk about is another thing that has been on the news and has shown up in my newsfeed a lot lately is Chick Fil A.  I know this topic might piss some people off and fine..if you do not want to read my blog..then don’t…I really don’t care. But anyways since 2003 Chick Fil A has given at least 5 million dollars to anti-gay organizations, including known hate groups. Chick Fil A is known as a “christian” and family owned business. Well…my beliefs I know are not like anyone elses and I am not pushing my beliefs on anyone (just so we are clear) but I can’t imagine if my little Monster grew up and was gay. I would want him to love whoever he decided to and do it openly. Again nobody is put on this Earth to why are we as “christians” and human beings in general judging one another on what we think is right and wrong. I think we need to start worrying about ourselves instead of worrying about who loves who and what others do. Chick Fil A has made their mark on being a “christian” and family owned business, but 5 million dollars to anti-gay organizations..REALLY? Here we live in a world where people are starving and without homes. And for all the autism parents out there, well we know how autism is unfairly funded. That 5 million dollars could have went to some of our children to help pay for IPads or therapy. Chick Fil A won’t get my business, they are entitled to their own opinion and they can fund whoever they choose. But I can’t help and think that their choices on who to fund could have been better. I grew up believing strongly in God and my Faith is more important now than it has ever been. I am not a christian, but I do believe and I know that I am not suppose to do and that is judge anyone on what they choose to do with their life and how they live. I am not suppose to judge anyone on the wrongs and sins the committed. Because honestly that doesn’t make me a better person, that doesn’t make the world a better is just one more person deciding they are “right.”
One thing I have learned since having a child with autism is to be more accepting. Be more accepting on things that someone cannot change, be more accepting on things that people choose to do with their own life. Accepting somoene should be the easy part, not the hard part. Especially if you are a parent, because unconditional love is the easy part of parenting..not the hard part. I am not trying to bash anyone for how they believe, or what they think. But it seems to me everyone wants to make this world a better place and I also want to make it a better place for my son. Especially for his future because loving and accepting is part of his future. Just like I’m sure it is the same for I hope most of you. I just know that no matter where life takes my Monster and no matter what he does in his life. No matter what he chooses to do or not to do. I will accept him, I will love him…maybe some of us need to be reminded that some of these people like James Holmes has parents and has family that love him. Maybe some of us need to be reminded that unconditional love means unconditional love no matter what our children do. It is sad when I see parents saying how they believe James Holmes should get the death penalty and not even get a physchiatric evaluation. And when I see parents post things agreeing on Chick Fil A..and I can’t help but wonder what would they do if their child was gay? Being a better person is hard when you never want to accept one another or learn to understand one another. I just know I will never be one of those parents who doesn’t accept her child. And I know that says a lot about the type of woman I am. 

  1. Jesse K. says:

    There’s no such thing as unconditional.

    Autism has been around for years, yet it’s only important now that it’s hit you.

    i’v donated time and money to children with autism, and i’v seen kids with autism grow up and not be able to tell that they have it.

    and let me tell you there are no such thing as a christian that you speak of,
    christianity is a man made religion, try JUST believing in god, as opposed to believing in a man made religion that is full of people who judge and are immoral.
    i 100% believe in god, and i am not a christian.
    but i love god. and always do whats right.

    Jesse K.

  2. Whitney M says:

    I couldn’t agree morde with most of what you said! When I first heard of the shootings my first thought was “What kind of mental disorder does he have?” (Although Ivattributed it to my nursing training). Does he need to be kept somewhere for peoples safety? Most definetly. But he is still ill. And as har as Chick Fil A the uproar is just created by people who devote their life to creAting uproars or “standing up for what’s right”. People just need to realize someone out there will ALWAYS oppose something you believe in. There are too many people in this world to get us all to agree. So there is another Open Gay Basher out there…what else is new?

    • Thanks! The Chick Fil A thing isn’t about the uproar it is more about how they spent their money and yet claim to be on the right side of everything. And gay bashing hows now taken a turn for the worst. I heard about a Nebraska woman being attacked in her home and having gay slurs CARVED into her skin. That is just wrong. I know bad things will happen and I know not everyone will agree, but if you claim to be a good person than be a good person. Thanks for reading and thanks for the feedback.

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