F*ck Organic

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

When I thought about having kids I thought I had everything planned out. Including how we would sit down to have dinner at the table and be this big happy family. Maybe my kid would be a picky eater like me and only eat certain meals a certain way. I have a way of doing things a certain way with my food, this has to touch that and this can’t touch at all. I want corn on my mashed potatoes or I won’t bother eating either of them. I won’t eat Christmas ham unless it is mixed in with other food, I hate for the most part almost all vegetables, I won’t eat pickles unless they are the big dill pickles and I hate tomatoes unless I eat them plain with salt. I’m just picky with it, no big deal..but I never thought I would have to end up making a different meal for my child almost every night.
The monster is super picky he won’t try like ANYTHING. Sometimes he will see me with food and want to try it, but that is only on occasion. I hate the fact that the food he eats is not healthy at all and I hate that it is usually the same damn thing every single day. He use to eat a little more of a variety, but now it seems like he doesn’t like a lot of the things we make him. We have learned to live with it though.
The Monster sometimes lives off of potato chips and Cheetos. French fries is a must have in this house and he eats grilled cheese all the time.
One thing I haven’t learned to live with is how it seems like everyone is going healthy or going organic and they seem to talk down on parents who aren’t making their children eat healthier. My son hasΒ a ton of energy so he doesn’t really need to get up and play. He spends a lot of time watching TV, but who cares he enjoys it. He is usually playing during that time anyways and if he does focus on the TV he is still moving around constantly. I’m tired of seeing how it is wrong for a parent to feed their child McDonald’s and let them eat potato chips instead of a healthy snack. I have learned to live with the fact that my son will not ever change his eating habits and I would rather him eat something unhealthy than go a day or 2 without food. He won’t just eat when he is hungry, his sensory issues is what holds him back from trying different things. Yet now some of us as parents are still looked down on because we decide not to be 100% healthy with our children, when it’s not our fault. I say F*ck Organic and F*ck anyone who thinks you’re a bad parentΒ for letting your child eat a happy meal instead of a salad.Β For deciding that food in general is more important than nothing at all. We know our kids and again it’s not like they are just picky eaters, they have a small problem that holds them back from eating something else. Just a little happy reminder that you’re doing a good job in the food department. πŸ™‚ Plus who cares about organic sh!t anyway? I don’t!

  1. Anonymous says:

    It seems like you need some more perspective! Not to be a debbie downer, but the words “hate”… “can’t”… “never will” set expectations for your child. He MIGHT end up liking or trying new foods… he MIGHT learn to talk. Things like this. Be more positive! Yes, every case of Autism is different, but you never know what he might pick up, what things may change… and this is something ALL parents go through. As a child I would not eat broccoli, anything crunchy, etc and I don’t have Autism. At least, always give him the ~option~ of trying something, heck it might even take a few times of seeing it for him to even WANT to try it! Just know that everything in this life isn’t as black and white as it seems (even that article about the heart transplant)… things change, people change, and not always in the way that you want or expect it to. Then again, don’t settle for things being one way forever. Autism takes work, I’ve seen it firsthand, it’s not impossible to work with! As long as you are willing to work at it, and put in the effort, you never know what you might accomplish with it later on down the road. Bottom line, BE POSITIVE! πŸ˜€

    • Positive? I write my blog to vent! if u don’t like it then don’t read it. and Paul Corby doesn’t deserve to die because of his autism. No things aren’t just black and white they are shades of grey also. Please come back when you know what it is like to be a parent to an autistic child or even a parent at all. I don’t need to be F*cking positive about autism, I am postive enough πŸ™‚ and my son has accomplished a lot thank you because mike and I are positive but this is MY WAY to vent and don’t be anonymous just say who u are. especially since I might have an idea πŸ™‚ and AUTISM SUCKS!!!! lol

  2. Wow. How can you tell us to be positive about the hell we live with 24/7? I will tell you that we are positive, we are positive that we love our children, we are positive that we do our best to fight with something that we did not ask for or expect. We are positive that AUTISM SUCKS ASS! How’s that for positive? Here’s a tip for you. Don’t judge people about things you don’t know about, and when you do, at least have enough nerve to post who you are instead of anonymous!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I never once said that you DIDN’T work on your son’s autism, and that it doesn’t suck. Yeah, it does suck, I’ve seen it firsthand and I see it on my newsfeed every few days. I’ve done my research on it… a lot of it. I didn’t write here to insult your parenting, that wasn’t my intent. All I’m saying is, there is (most usually) more to the story than what is on the internet. I take all of the things I read on the internet with a grain of salt, because yes, every case of autism IS different, and I understand that. I was talking in general, not just to you. I sincerely apologize if you took it that way. I agree, he doesn’t deserve to die ‘just because of his autism’ but then again it is a story on the internet, there could be a lot more to the story than simply his autism. I honestly didn’t mean to insult anybody here, I only wanted to let you know that I’ve seen the positive, and it IS possible, that’s all. You keep on venting, and I’ll do us both a solid, I’ll stop reading your blog and won’t comment again. Good luck with your little boy! πŸ™‚

    • the problem with what u put isn’t just because of what u put but because I know who u are! so goodbye!

    • I re read this also..and I think it is so funny that u said u see it on ur newsfeed every few days and have done research. How about u Live with it around u EVERYDAY!

      • Tina Williamson says:


      • you tell her ! easy to comment and judge when you don’t live it 24/7 ! do what we do day in and day out for a month and see how positive you are!

      • Thomas, she’s an idiot. I found out that it was a cousin of mines wife. She has no idea what we go through. I’m positive, but I also cannot be happy all the time either. The point of the blog is to vent. Not write about butterfly’s or rainbows. It’s to say “man, today sucked.” And to relate to ppl like u. But for her to say she sees it on her newsfeed….really? That’s such a stupid comment. I see breast cancer awareness stuff on my newsfeed, but I don’t know what it’s like to battle cancer or see someone close to me go through it. I have no clue what any of that is like because I have never went through it. It was ppl trying so hard to get to me. Sad isn’t it?

  4. Whitney says:

    Not to give suggestions where I don’t know much but have you tried smoothies or shakes or “milkshakes” with your little guy? I read a lot of mommy blogs and when they have picky eaters they often sneak in fruits and veggies in smoothies. I don’t know if your little man likes them or would even try them but I figured if it possibly fell in the category of things he liked or would sometimes drink that there are a ton of great recipes out there from mommies who sneak great things into “fun” drinks. Just a suggestion! Good luck!

    • Thanks whitney, we have tried to get him to try a milkshake, but we have noticed he does not like cold things such as ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies etc. We sneak veggies in his mashed potatoes πŸ™‚ we do continue to try giving him things tho. And we do sneak things in lol thanks for ur feedback appreciate it!

    • I was just thinking maybe he might like the McDonalds smoothies? I will try those ones, I don’t like them but he might. They aren’t so cold and frozen.

  5. Jen Mandell says:

    My son lives on Cheez its – Lays Potato chips and every few days he will eat some chicken Nuggets only from McDonalds and soft plain vanilla Ice Cream again only from McDonalds….The only thing he will drink is ice cold water….

    • I hate cheez its lol and my Monster only like Ruffles cheddar and sour cream lol. As long as he is getting some food in him, keep it up! πŸ™‚

      • Jen Mandell says:

        Yep – I agree. I hate it when people start telling me he needs to eat better. Honestly I don’t care what he eats or what time he eats it as long as he is eating something!! Lol it amazes me how picky they are. Sam only likes Cheez Itz from the small bag – not the box. One day we tried filling the bag with some from the box – we did it away from him so he couldn’t see but he knew! One time we even mixed them in the bag and he dumped them on the table a was sorting them!! Lol now I just go to Costco and stock up on the 50 bag boxes!

  6. Tina Williamson says:

    My eldest son is the same with his eating! He eats the EXACT same thing everyday πŸ˜€ and heaven forbid that I put a different number of things on his plate than normal – melt down city!!!! I find the constant strain of trying to make sure he is eating something, while also trying to get him to eat more different things a pain in the backside!!! It isn’t fun and sure does suck the big one!!! And sometimes people with well meant intentions drive me insane with their comments, too. Until you deal with this every day, be very careful with making assumptions about food issues for autistics because it is NOT the same thing as a nuerotypical person just not liking certain vegies!!!!!!!!!

  7. mrsdsmaunderings says:

    As somebody who has had absolutely nothing to do with autism on a personal level I can only say that I applaud each & every parent who has a child with it – I take my hat off to you. And as far as what other anonymous posters think, don’t let them get to you..or even better…delete their stupid fucking comments! Have a good day! πŸ™‚

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wait… what? You said you think you know who I am… but you must have me confused with somebody else, sorry.

    • Wesley says:

      What happened to the “I will not read or comment on this blog again”?

    • Jade says:

      I’m a fellow ASD mum here in Australia.
      My son is 3 half and I know how you feel in regards to the food. My son’s paediatrician actually said something similar, feed him something he likes everyday but to try and hide what I can in it. So I do try but I’m not always lucky. Why are our kids huge fans of maccas? That seriously is weird. My son attends an early intervention program on a 5 day fortnight basis and the improvements are amazing in regards to his eating. Last night I made basic chicken rissoles and hid zucchini in it and omg he ate 3 of them. It’s not much but a start, I have therapy to thank for that. Does your little man attend any therapy?

  9. Jesse k says:

    I think nothing wrong of anonymous’s post but trying to be helpful. I may be wrong but I doubt it.
    Use your brain, not your ego. And then maybe you’ll be okay

    There’s nothing worse than someone who knows everything just cause they live with it.
    I live with a lot of things I know nothing about, I’m
    not an expert, and neither are you.

    • I don’t have an ego, I’m just saying I know a hell of a lot more than her damn “research” F*ck that, and F*ck u both for putting shit on here. I use this to vent and help other parents out not to fight with idiots like u 2! Get over urself and I am more of an expert, not because I live with this around me 24/7 but because I know what is BEST for my child!

    • if u both wanted to give “advice” and be friendly why not use ur real names? exactly just trying to rip me apart in a different way. good luck to u!

  10. Sim Reilly says:

    I’m an actual parent of a child with autism. My child eats very well. I hope you will change your mind in regards to organic food. It would help his health tremendously. Best of luck.

    • You just said ur child it’s very well. Good for u. Do u read my Facebook page or keep up with my blog? If so u know my child only eats certain things. And those certain things have to be cut up or fed to him certain ways. His eating habits don’t reflect me being a bad mom or anything. His eating habits are from his autism and sensory issues. My child doesn’t eat the healthy things a lot because of those reasons. Not because I don’t want him to be healthy or eat healthy. I want those things. But I’m facing reality with this and accepting it. If he eats or tries an unusual food to him I’m happy. Whether it be ice cream or an apple. I’ve considered a diet but I also know I have a child on the spectrum, that’s picky and has sensory issues.

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