#32 Enjoy The Little Things

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

I think in between the complaining, the lack of sleep, having a headache every single day, having to make a different dinner almost every night and the TV usually on cartoons 24/7…I think we forget to enjoy the little things.
I tend to forget how much my son has accomplished since a year ago. How amazing he is doing with his therapy. He struggles everyday and I have to see him struggle to do the smallest things. I have to help show him that it something goes this way, not that way. His autism will always be a wall, but us as parents have found a way around it.
Recently the Monster started sitting (standing) in a booth at a restaurant. I am so excited at how well he is doing with it. To some parents its not a big deal, but its a huge deal to Mike and I. He also started riding his little 4wheeler that he got for his birthday. He needs help, but he actually enjoys it. He drinks out of a pop can and water bottle (with help) but he does it. These are big deals to has that deal with autism everyday of our lives, that struggle and that watch our children struggle. I often forget to enjoy the little things. Watching your child accomplish something or catch on quickly, it makes you feel wonderful. Watching him be so excited about the smallest thing, makes you excited for him. That 1 step forward makes up for the 10 steps backwards. So remember at the end of the day to Enjoy The Little Things. 🙂


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