Parental Advisory….not so much. This isn’t a Typical TV Show!

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

I don’t shelter my son when it comes to things. I feel like we are already having to change so much because of his autism that I refuse to get rid of more than we already have to. Some might call me selfish and others might agree with me. Awhile back I had written a blog post about how I will never leave a restaurant just because someone gets upset with how the Monster might be acting. As parents in the autism world we have had to adjust to many things, so do we also need to adjust to things in our own home?

Mike and I are both movie and television people. We love movies and have our favorite TV shows that we record on our DVR every week. Before the Monster we went to the movies very often. We have Netflix hooked up to our TV in the living room, we also stream it to our phones and I will also watch it on my lap top. We are movie buffs and enjoy the latest action films, I enjoy the latest romantic comedy and Mike loves his scary movies. We have spent more than enough money on dvd’s. It is our way of spending money on ourselves because we don’t get date night often. We will go two or three months without going out and to some that might even be a privilege and we are lucky to have it that once in a while date.

One thing as parents that we have not done is monitor what the Monster watches. That is something we don’t want to give up either and I refuse to give it up. The Monster watches usually everything we watch. If we are putting in “The Amazing Spiderman” to watch, the Monster is most likely going to be watching it with  us. If “The Walking Dead” is on and he is in the same room with me, he will be entertained by the zombies. No, we don’t let him watch everything that we watch. Mike likes scary movies and some of them are too scary for him to see, so Mike watches them after the Monster and I go to bed. And if we aren’t watching TV than we have something like Disney Jr. or a children’s movie on.

Were not typical parents, so why should we even try to be. We have had to learn different ways in teaching our child and different ways of discipline. Our typical ways went out the window when autism was put into factor. I can’t say anything about anyone else when it comes to putting their child in front of some cartoons, I do it often too. I have my reasons for doing it, like cleaning the kitchen or maybe I just want to get a small nap in because he was up all night…literally. When it comes to monitoring what the Monster watches, yeah we do it. But we also know that we enjoy our movies and TV shows just as much as he does. I am sure if he wasn’t autistic things would be way different, but other things would be very different also. Honestly…the ‘typical’ parent in general was thrown out the window for as long as I can remember. I was always into things like the ‘Ninja Turtles’ and video games. So the word typical isn’t in my vocabulary often and it rarely gets used. I mean, I don’t know many moms that have samurai swords, do you?


(Yes, I do have samurai swords. They are put up and the Monster has never seen them. So no I don’t want to hear how dangerous shit like that is. I know it’s dangerous and that is why the Monster will never know about them unless we have a zombie apocalypse. 🙂 )


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