A New Tree. A Husband For Sale. A little Monster with Some Meltdowns and a Mess of Lights.

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

lightsI feel like today has been chaotic. The Monster had DT today and it didn’t go so well. He hasn’t had therapy (speech or developmental) in a few weeks. We had Thanksgiving and then the Monster got the stomach flu and then both his therapists got sick within the same week. So he is getting back in the groove of things…and the groove didn’t go so well. He had a rough day and has been sleeping like shit the past few nights. And when I mean sleeping like shit, I mean sleeping only 3 hours at night and staying up the rest of the night. So he hasn’t been resting, his whole schedule is messed up this week. It has been a rough week. His therapy just was meltdown city.
Anyways, after therapy I had a few things to fax in (getting the medical waiver, ssi and all this other shit done is hard. Something always goes wrong and it takes 4x’s as long.) and Mike had to renew his driver’s license today since his birthday is next week. After that, we decided let’s get a brand new tree because the tree we put up is old and I have had that since I was little and it looks like shit. So we bought a new tree today and went to 3 different stores to get f&cking lights because we live in a small town and they don’t know how to order extra crap even though we still have almost 2 weeks left until Christmas. Apparently nobody buys a tree or lights this close to Christmas!
And somehow I ended up cooking dinner. (even though I didn’t want to..)

After dinner we took down our old tree and put up our new one. It literally took like 3 hours to do this. We put so many lights on our 1st tree just because we weren’t putting up any ornaments, so we were like lets put 700 lights on the tree. We are idiots! We literally took the tree down with the lights on it. It sucked..and I don’t think we will ever do that again. We put up the new tree and Mike sucks at spreading branches. After taking the down the 1st tree and having a big pile and mess of lights..we put in “The Dark Knight Rises” (I’m a comic book fan, but Batman is my least favorite, but the Monster apparently LOVES Batman!) while I sorted through the mess of lights. We got the tree finished and lights put on.
I can honestly say I am tired. Not because of all the mess but because Mike and the Monster are annoying. They were both in an annoying mood. The Monster has tried destroying every electronic in sight, my computer, the Wii. They were out to annoy me all day. When we got back from town Mike was running around, so the Monster was running around. They have been loud all afternoon. The Monster just fell asleep and I am wore out.
It was just a crazy day. And I regret not getting a new tree to begin with….


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