Don’t Stereotype Autism

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dear person reading this. It seems with recent events in the news has put a mistaken stereotype on autism. So I am going to clear things up with you because I am worried you may be stereotyping my perfect little child.

With recent events in the news I am worried and scared. I now have another fear, I have a fear that my child will be stereotyped. I fear that autism is now looked at in a bad way and only in a bad way. I fear that the words violent, tantrums, personality disorder, behavioral issues, combative, mental, anxiety, issues, will now be words to describe autism. I worry that my child will be stereotyped into a category because “they” said so. I posted about “they” and how “they” say things you can read that (here). I am worried that my child will now be looked at as nothing more than a “mental case” just because the news are reporting what they feel is the right things to say. And that right thing is placing some into a category and stereotyping.
When describing the shooter this is what I hear, “the shooter wore all BLACK. The shooter was autistic. The shooter Lanza had some form of autism. The shooter was autistic and suffered from a personality disorder. Anxiety issues. Autistic loner’s explosion. He had OCD tendencies. Lanza was ‘odd’. He was just a weird kid. He had issues. Socially awkward. Needy. Somewhat autistic. Rambunctious kid.”
These were the words used to describe him. So when you put these words together and you put AUTISM on the headline people will only put these things with autism, therefore putting autism into a mental disorder and now somehow my son can be capable of this just because he is autistic. So here it goes….you sterotyped him. You put autism at the headline and now you have something to go off of. You put him into the autism box and dropped him off for us (the parents and others that experience autism first hand) to now clean up the mess that you made. You decided it was enough for people to have their answer on why he would do this and autism was it. Autism was the easy way out. Well, autism is not like that. Not in that way. Yes, my son is a little different, OCD and he is autistic, but he is not a hurtful person. He has sensory issues (like everyone else in the autism world) but that does not mean he will grow up and kill because of his sensory overload. His autism does not mean he will grow up and be violent. His autism does not mean he will grow up and do something dangerous. His autism does not mean he will shoot or harm anyone. His autism is nothing more than his autism. Neurotypical people commit crimes all the time, but since autism was on the headline than it is this mans reason? No, it should never be a reason. This is putting autism in a bad light and it is in a bad because you put it on your headline.
My son has autism. And his autism does not make him a bad child and will not make him to be a bad adult. My son is loving, caring and spoiled. He enjoys being kissed and hugged. He loves to be loved on and he loves to love back. He likes to play with people and other children. My son sometimes self harms himself (banging his head on the wall) and sometimes he does hit, but he is not a bad child. He is social and enjoys his therapy time. He is an autistic child, an autistic child with sensory issues and lacks communication skills. My child is autistic, he is not a stereotype, he is not rainman. He is a loving, cute, wonderful, joy of a child. So please do not blame autism, please do not stereotype every autistic human being and please do not think my child is anything less than special. That is what autism is! Autistic Advocacy Statement. Please read this also!


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