Why is Autism Feared? “They”

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Why is autism feared?
Because “they” make it seem scary, not hard. “They” make it into a mental disorder, instead of a developmental disorder. “They” say things like “autism is on the rise, we must find a cure.” Instead of helping the children/adults that are autistic already. “They” say “suffer” instead of “diagnosed.” “They” point at spoiled children and tantrums and say that, “meltdowns and sensory overload” are similar. “They” say violent outbursts are caused because of lack of discipline. “They” say that he will grow out of his meltdowns and OCD tendencies and we should put a stop to it now! “They” say he won’t talk. “They” say he will never become anything more. “They” point the finger at different causes that always seem to point back to the pregnancy and/or parent(s).
Well..”They” don’t walk in our shoes. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of them telling me what they think and claim to know.

  1. Diana Callison says:

    “They” don’t care to understand or to care at all … “They” live in their own little world that does not include anything beyond their own comfort level… Guess, what “They”.. there are a lot of “us” .. and our voice is growing to fight the discrimination, the intolerance, the ignorance. Love for one another despite differences, simple Love, Goes a Long Way ❤

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