The Most Annoying Questions

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

We have all had the questions that were meant to be polite but they are only annoying because we hear them so much. Well here are the questions that we often get from people who have no idea…the “curious” questions.
(in no specific order)

1.) Why is he doing that?
Why is he doing what? Flapping, jumping, spinning in circles or any other weird motion with his body. It makes him feel good. Nuff said. Then I always have to explain why it makes him feel good. It’s just how he gets himself in check. It’s not that hard to understand!

2.) When are you having more children?
I hate this question. I’m sure parents of NT children hate this question too. I hate it because I then explain that I don’t want more kids right now, then the person that asked the question says, “well he wants a brother or sister.” I hate this stupid question and I feel it is nobody’s business. So how about this answer, mind your own business. I have enough on my plate. My son is autistic, that is like taking care of 2 children on a daily basis. Did I mention I hate this question?

3.) Do YOU think he will talk?
This is different from the “does he talk yet?” question. Mostly because they are asking for your honest opinion about your child. I think he will, my son is 3 so I still have plenty of faith that he will. Not to mention he is scripting TV shows and he knows his numbers and few other things, but really I don’t like to talk much about it. Because you then talk about how your child says this and that. I don’t care..I really don’t..

4.) Why isn’t he listening to me?
I hate when someone thinks my child is always ignoring them. He has too much going on at the time to pay attention to only you.

5.) Why does he like things that spin?
See question 1 for answer.

6.) Why don’t you try feeding him this…?
My son has sensory issues. He won’t eat that, he won’t try it. And Yes I have already tried.
The “you eat what I make you” doesn’t apply in this house.

7.) How does he have so much energy?
I’m sure his ADHD has something to do with that.

8.) Isn’t it past his bedtime?
Now with this one I know plenty of ASD parents have a set bed time for their ASD child. Awesome! Good for you! I applaud you, but with the Monster it seems that it is very far away from that. he goes to sleep when he is tired. Forcing him only makes it worse and we will eventually get to a bed time before a certain time, but we just can’t yet. And luckily you ASD parents understand.

So that is it! That is the most annoying curious questions that we as ASD parents get. Please feel free to share an annoying question you get asked a lot. 🙂


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