The Monster and I are still here…just a little quieter for now

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m writing a quick blog post on my phone, so sorry for the grammar mistakes.
It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post. I feel like I’ve been busy, but in reality I’ve been cooped up most of the winter inside. We have had lots of snow and we’ve been snowed in multiple times during the winter. Before Christmas the Monster got sick a few times. A bad cold/virus/flu type thing would go away with the help from antibiotics but come right back a week or so later. I even joined a book club recently, we meet once a month and it’s nice to get out of the house without the monster attached to my hip and my husband on the other side of me.
Anyways, the point is I haven’t really been busy. I’ve just been quieter around these parts lately. I guess the days of autism blur together sometimes and my emotions have taken a backseat on writing. I’ve been stressed and i just decided not to write or even post on my Facebook page lately. I figured I would give you all an update though and maybe get back into writing my blog.
The Monster is doing okay. Around November(ish) he started having some behavior problems. It gradually started getting worse and worse. Last month I decided that I should contact his developmental pediatrician. He’s 2 hours away so we can’t just visit whenever, but he’s a good doctor and I can call the hospital and he calls me back that day or the next. I spoke with him told him our concerns with the Monster. How the meltdowns are severe and on some days I literally put him in the car and drive for hours just to keep him calm. His head banging had gotten so bad that we now have multiple holes in the walls that need fixed. I had no idea what I was doing or what to do anymore, he never seemed happy anymore and I missed him being happy. Obviously the Monster has a lot of frustration. He knows very few words and understanding of them, so his communication is like a 0. He would lose focus so easily and the get frustrated and then a meltdown would start very easily. The Monster is very hyper active, so after we talked his dr decided Ritalin would do the trick. To calm his ADHD and hopefully help with his meltdowns.
So how’s he doing with it? Good. Meltdowns aren’t as severe, he seems to focus better and he seems a lot happier. Plus his head banging has slowed down quit a bit. Is medicine best for our child? I think so.
Don’t waste your time on commenting on diets, no point on it. Here’s why.
Diets-they don’t work for the Monster. He ONLY eats certain and very few foods. So gluten free won’t work, it just won’t. I’m sure many Autism parents will understand that, but some of you might be pointing the finger. Well don’t bother. I point my finger enough at myself on this issue. I hate that my son likes McDonald’s French fries and onion rings from Burger King. He loves pizza too, but I wish he would eat a salad or some veggies with it. Oh well though. He eats what he eats, we try and sneak food in here and there sometimes, but it doesn’t last long. So diets are not an option. Oh well.
I know that their is no magic pill to make the autism go away. To “cure” him it’s not possible. He still has his bad days, he still has some bad meltdowns, he still loses focus, but if it helps even a little then why be against it? You shouldn’t. And now I’m feeling more comfortable to get back to blogging and sharing. I feel a little more relaxed about everything now too.
So that’s where we have been. We’ve been lost in meltdowns and head banging, but we are slowing coming back out in the blogging world.


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